Blog Post 4: Video Game Lab

Sumija Ande
2 min readSep 25, 2020

Out of all the video games I played, the three games that stood out to me the most were Super Puzzle Platform, Canabalt, and Athletics/QWOP.

I think the main Aesthetic of Super Puzzle Platform and Canabalt was Challenge. Although the basic controls stayed the same, some other aspect changed to make it more difficult. In Super Puzzle Platform, the types of blocks falling were more difficult to deal with over time. For Canabalt, it became increasingly difficult to notice the obstacles in order to jump over them in time. I found the dynamics interesting for Athletics. There are only 4 keys to make this person’s legs move like they’re walking or running to progress forward but understanding how the anatomy functions was difficult.

Super Puzzle Platform was also the game I observed someone else play; after I watched them play I tried it myself. By watching someone else play, I was able to see the different techniques they used and was able to apply them myself. For example, I noticed that the person I was observing was very careful of what blocks she destroyed as to not create any openings to land on the spikes at the bottom. I copied this technique when I played and lasted longer than I anticipated.