Blog Post 6: Video Game Prototype

Sumija Ande
Nov 1, 2020


Game: Wizard

The background music and all the sound effects were taken from

Instructions: Navigate across the map from left to right using the left and right arrow keys and space to jump. The F key can be used to cast a spell to do damage to enemies, currently including baby and adults zombies, and a plant boss. Dodge the zombies’ puke and the plant boss’s leaf attacks. To complete the level, collect the Leaf orb at the end of the level and walk off screen.

Known issues: The character gets caught on the platform, and the player must move back and forth or jump to get uncaught. Another issue is the player is unable to skip the intro. Players preferred that there be checkpoints across the map so they don’t have to start from the beginning when they die.

Although our windows build worked for testing, one major issue we were facing during the alpha was with the version. After the player selects “New Game,” a video plays with a comic explaining the story behind the game. After the video, the player is dropped into the first level of the game. However, there were issues rendering the video when on; after clicking “New Game” the player sees a black screen instead. Since our team was able to recruit another artist and programmer, we plan on fully implementing every aspect of the game, which includes 3 levels.

Link to WebGL version: