Blog Post 7: JackBox Game

Sumija Ande
2 min readNov 25, 2020
  1. Discuss mechanics and your experience with your peers in the game.

When I played Drawful 2. Each player is giving a prompt to illustrate. Then, we go through each illustration done by the players. Each player writes a description of the drawing, then all the written descriptions (with some from Drawful 2 and the original prompt) are posed as options for players to select as the initial prompt associated with the drawing. By including descriptions from the players, players can trick one another. When players select the wrong answer, the person who tricked them gets points. When players select the right answer, they get points and so does the artist. Overall I enjoyed the game, and I think it would be fun and interesting to play with people who have the same sense of humor or think the same.

The mechanics of the game is similar to Pictionary, but there are some mechanics that make it different. For example, there’s the mechanic where players can trick one another with fake answers for points. I wasn’t very good at guessing the prompt correctly, but I was able to gain a majority of my points by tricking other players. Another mechanic that I liked was after a player selects the prompt they think is the right one, there’s an option to “like” certain prompts. There is no point value associated with the like option, but if someone puts an answer you like, you can show appreciation for it.

For Drawful 2, the audience is able to play along and choose what they think the actual prompt is and can award likes. This is how the audience is literally able to affect the outcome of the game. Also, having an audience might make a player change the kind of descriptions they submit (for example inappropriate vs family-friendly options) or it might affect how well they draw.