Blog Post 8: Final Project

The people in my group are Tu Tran, Kayvon Fazeli, and Tom Mach. The game Tu and I created for the other project assignment is what we decided to continue working on for our final. I am still the programmer and designer, and Tu is also still the artist and producer .Along the way Kayvon joined as an artist and Tom as a programmer. I have been spending most of my time fixing bugs that play testers or group members have pointed out since the basic foundation of the game’s controls and mechanics were created by the time the game was first play tested by classmates.

Our completed game will have a home screen with a New Game button. When this button is pressed, an intro comic will play giving a background for the story behind the game. To summarize, there is a Wizard with three orbs, then a Witch steals these orbs and runs away. Then the player is dropped into the first level where they must kill zombies along the way and defeat a plant boss to collect an orb. After collecting the orb and falling into a pit, the player is dropped into the next level that works like the first level: killing zombies throughout the level and killing a bat boss at the end before collecting another orb. The third level is also the same idea. Despite having the same idea, each level has a different map, location, boss, and orb. The fourth and final level will be the Wizard with his three orbs facing off the Witch. After defeating her, an end comic will play with credits. Then, the player is taken back to the home screen.

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